First look at Holos Skincare

My mum first introduced me to the brand ‘Holos’. As a former beauty therapist my mum likes to keep in the know about new brands but also she has a keen interest in aromatherapy and this is why she tried Irish Brand Holos. All of the products from ‘Holos’ are natural and holistic.

Both myself and my mum have sensitive skin and we are forever tying to find products that not only we love but that our skin loves too.
You can imagine the beauty chats that go on in our house between the two of us!

My favourite skincare product to experiment and try are exfoliators. I have incredibly dry skin and if I was to go 1 week without exfoliating my face I would hate to see the state it got into. Facial exfoliators come in all shapes and forms. The Holos ‘Blossoms Light Exfoliating Skin Polish’ is a creamy based exfoliator with tiny micro beads. I found this to be really kind to my face as I have used exfoliators in the past that are too gritty for my face and have been a lot stronger than what my face needed.


The smell of this product is amazing! You can really smell the aromatherapy oils and this is what creator Niamh has worked so hard to achieve. Now lets take a look at the ingredients that make this product so good. A light volcanic lava pumice is combined with the wonderful feminine essential oils of Neroli, YlangYlang and Jasmine. Creamed coconut oil and aloe vera extract nourish and protect the skin. The Essential oils soothe dryness leaving the skin silky smooth. Skin is left feeling cleansed with a polished glow.

After using this product your face is not left feeling dry or de-hydrated. Nothing worse than the feeling after using certain exfoliators that your face feels like sand paper. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has delicate skin. You can buy online here for €20.80.

Have you tried Irish Brand Holos?

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Stay fabulous,

Love K x

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